Bamboo charcoal cutting board

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This plastic cutting  board mix bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal can make the chopping board anti-bacterial, anti-mold, and anti-odor better, and it also prevents black spots on the board. It is strong and durable and will not crack. And it comes with a juice groove, knife sharpener, and grater. Both sides can be used, and raw and cooked are separated for better hygiene. It comes in four sizes to meet your different needs.

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It is a Non-toxic cutting board made of food grade PP and bamboo charcoal with non-mold and antibacterial properties.
Easy to clean with hand wash, it is also dishwasher safe to clean.
It is sturdy and durable and will not crack.
Non-slip cutting board, TPR protecting
This is a chopping board with grinder, which can be convenient for consumers to grind ginger and garlic, etc.
This is a chopping board with sharpener, which can be convenient for consumers to use and make knives sharper.
This is a cutting board with juice grooves to prevent spillage.
This is a plastic chopping board with handle, designed for hanging and easy storage.



It also can be done as set, 2pcs/set, 3pcs/set or 4pcs/set.
3pcs/set is the best one.

Size Weight(g)
S 35*20.8*0.65cm 370g
M 40*24*0.75cm 660g
L 43.5*28*0.8cm 810g
XL 47.5*32*0.9cm 1120g

The advantages of wheat straw cutting board are

1.This is a Eco-friendly chopping board, BPA-FREE material— Our cutting boards for kitchen are made from food grade PP plastic and bamboo charcoal. They are constructed from eco-friendly, BPA-free heavy-duty plastic. This is a double sided cutting board, this won’t dull or harm knives while also keeping counter-tops protected, and it is also a dishwasher cutting board.

2.This is a Non-moldy cutting board and antibacterial: Another major advantage of plastic cutting board is antibacterial, compared with natural materials, which itself has antibacterial characteristics. And the addition of bamboo powder material makes the vegetable board antibacterial, anti-mold, deodorization effect better. And because it is hard, not easy to produce scratches, no gaps, so the least likely to breed bacteria; at the same time, it is a easy clean cutting board, you can use boiling water scalding, can also be cleaned with detergent, and not easy to leave residue.

3. No cracking and shattering. This is a food safe chopping board. It is made of PP and bamboo powder by hot pressing injection molding machine, Bamboo charcoal cutting board has high strength, will not crack, strong and durable. Moreover, when you cut vegetables hard, there will be no crumbs, making food safer and healthier.

4. This is also a multifunctional chopping board. The bamboo powder chopping board also has several convenient and practical designs on the product. It is not only a chopping board with juice grooves, but also a chopping board with grinder. The design of the juice groove can prevent the juice from flowing out, and the design of the grinder can facilitate consumers to grind ginger, garlic, etc. on the chopping board. And it is also a chopping board with sharpener, the sharpener is designed in the position of the carrying handle, so that it is safe and can be well used.

5.It is a Nonslip cutting board. Non-slip pads at the corners of the bamboo charcoal cutting board, which can effectively avoid the situation that the cutting board slips away and falls and hurts itself during the process of cutting vegetables in a smooth and watery place. Make the cutting board more stable for normal use in any smooth place, and also make the bamboo charcoal cutting board more beautiful.The surface of the bamboo charcoal chopping board is frosted design, which can increase the friction between the ingredients and the board, making the ingredients less likely to slide away and more labor-saving.

6. Various sizes: This bamboo charcoal cutting board has four different sizes, you can buy different sizes of PP chopping board according to your kitchen needs, or you can freely form a set, different sizes of chopping board to cut different kinds of ingredients.

We designed our bamboo charcoal cutting boards to be different from the common cutting boards in the market. Our chopping board is added with bamboo charcoal, which will better inhibit the black spots on the board, and it is anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-odor better. At the same time, the board has a double non-slip design, a juice groove, a grinder and a knife sharpener. This way you do not need to buy more gadgets. A quality cutting board can save you a lot of energy and time, and the antibacterial property of food-grade PP cutting board can make you eat safer.

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