Sorting bamboo cutting chopping board sets with hold stand.

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It is a food grade bamboo cutting board.  Our bamboo chopping boards are made of 100% natural bamboo with FSC certification.Bamboo chopping board is processed by high temperature and pressure, with the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, wear-resisting, hard and good toughness, etc. There is a logo on the whole set of cutting boards. Corresponding to bread, deli, meat and seafood. Consumers can use different cutting boards for different ingredients to avoid cross-use, which can avoid bad odor and bacterial infection. Sorting cutting board make you feel more health and safety.

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It is made by 100% natural bamboo, Antibacterial cutting board.
FSC certification
This is a biodegradable cutting board. Environmentally friendly, sustainable.
The non-porous structure of our bamboo cutting boards will absorb less liquid. It is less prone to bacteria and the bamboo itself has antibacterial properties.
It is easy to clean with hand wash.
Cutting board with juice grooves to prevent spillage.
4 cutting boards, each boards with different logo. It can help you use the right cutting board for raw fish, beef, chicken, or vegetables to keep their original taste.
It does not take up much space, convenient to be stored in cabinets or drawers by stacking on top of each other neatly.
The storage holder is crafted as a drain tank for storing and draining, allowing water to flow from the bottom and stay clean and sanitary at the same time.


The advantages of sorting cutting board

1.This is a Eco-Friendly Cutting Board, Our cutting board is not only a 100% natural bamboo cutting board, but  also a non-toxic cutting board. The nonporous structure of our bamboo cutting board will absorb less liquid, making its surface less prone to stains, bacteria and odors.
2.This is a biodegradable cutting board.We have FSC certification.This bamboo cutting board is made of biodegradable, sustainable bamboo material for an eco-friendly home cutting board. Being a renewable resource, bamboo is a healthier choice. This cutting board for kitchen use is truly a must have and wonderful tool for all your ambitious cooking ventures.It is a easy clean cutting board, you can use boiling water scalding, can also be cleaned with detergent, and not easy to leave residue.
3.This is a set of sorted bamboo cutting board,four chopping boards with a holder,each chopping board has a logo. Corresponding to breads, cooked food, meat and seafood. This can remind consumers for different ingredients can use different boards to avoid cross-use, there will be odor and bacterial infection.
4.This is a durable cutting board. Sterilized by high temperature, the bamboo cutting board is so strong that it won't crack even when immersed in water. And when you cut vegetables hard, there will be no crumbs, cutting food safer and healthier.
5.Convenient and useful. Each bamboo cutting board material is light, easy to pick up with one hand, very convenient to use and move. And with storage display stand holder, you can better store the classified chopping board. In addition, the bamboo cutting board also has the aroma of bamboo, making it more enjoyable when you use it.
6.This is a Antibacterial cutting board. The material is stronger and tighter, so there are basically no gaps in the bamboo chopping board. So that stains are not easily clogged in the gaps to produce bacteria, and the bamboo itself has a certain antibacterial ability.
7.This is  a chopping board with juice grooves. The juice groove is designed to prevent the juice from flowing out. It is better to collect the juice from cutting vegetables or cutting fruits. On the bread-specific cutting board, it is even designed with several larger slots, which can increase the friction between bread and chopping board and collect bread crumbs.


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