Advantages of stainless steel cutting board

In the field of kitchen utensils, the kitchen cutting board is an essential tool in every kitchen, chopping vegetables and chopping meat can not be separated from it, but how long have you not changed it? (Or maybe you didn’t even think about replacing it)

Many families have a cutting board they’ve used for years without realizing how dangerous it can be to their family’s health. When a cutting board is used for a long time, bacteria can attach and grow in the cut marks, making it difficult to remove. The aspergillus flavus that grows in it can multiply and cause serious health problems.
In the past, when the technology did not meet the requirements, we had to use wooden or bamboo cutting boards, but now the situation is different because scientists have developed many new technologies and materials that have made a big change in this field.
Because of this, the use of stainless steel has become very common today. Now who does not have a stainless steel pot, stainless steel bowl, stainless steel in the proportion of tableware is getting higher and higher, stainless steel cutting board also emerged.
Stainless steel cutting board, not only mold free, but also resistant to bacteria. One it = fruit and vegetable cutting board + meat cutting board + anti-mold and anti-bacteria device.
It is much better than traditional cutting boards on the market, both in feel and function!
It breaks through the defects of traditional bamboo and wood cutting board, which is mildew-free and more antibacterial, better and more hygienic.


Advantages of stainless steel cutting board:

1. Remove the fishiness and avoid oxidation

304 food grade stainless steel material can effectively remove the smell of fish, avoid overlapping problems when cutting different foods, and will not oxidize. The side of the stainless steel cutting board is specially prepared for cutting vegetables, cutting meat, and cutting seafood, in addition to helping to cut vegetables, but also because it is antibacterial stainless steel, when stainless steel is in contact with air and water, it will have a catalytic effect, decompose odor molecules, which can remove odor and deodorize these ingredients, and maintain the original taste of the ingredients.

2. Resist bacteria and lock in freshness

Antibacterial effect compared with 304 stainless steel, has an absolute advantage, more convenient to use, while reducing the risk of bacteria entering from the mouth.
Meat ingredients are left on an antibacterial cutting board for 24 hours after they are cut to maximize the freshness of the ingredients, while traditional cutting boards have discolored.
3. Separate raw and cooked to avoid contamination

Food grade PP surface is used for cutting cooked food, fruits, desserts, etc., to avoid cross-contamination of food materials. Using it to chop meat or cut bones is also no problem, without damaging the knife or leaving marks on the cutting board.

4. Easy to clean

Once you’ve cut the vegetables, the board is easy to clean, just rinse it with water and it’s much easier to clean than a wooden board.

Post time: May-15-2024